Docker Park Farm

We pride ourselves in producing fabulous pork, hams and bacon from our own very happy and well loved pigs!

We sell pork as "half a pig" which comes to you boxed and vacuum packed in various joints, chops and sausages.

We keep our pigs slightly longer than the averge to ensure a good distribution of meat. The average weight of our half a pig box is apx. 35 kilos, making it an incredibly economical way of stocking the freezer with superb top quality, local pork.

£175 per box




Our dry cured bacon (smoked or unsmoked) is available in 500g bags (1lb in old money!)

£6 per 500g.

Our hams are cut into 2kg joints (about 4.5lbs) and are available smoked or unsmoked.

£9 per kg

Yummy Pork Sausages

Bagged up as 15 sausages per bag, they weight approximately 600g per bag.

£7 per kilo.


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And Barney loves it!

Why eat Rare Breed Pork?

The eating quality of meat from rare breeds is far superior to that of commercially developed breeds and is due to their genes and the fact that they are slower maturing. This means that the animal is older when it reaches the correct level of 'finish' and thus it has developed more flavour.

Some level of fat is necesary for a healthy, balanced diet and in pork this produces meat that is succulent, full of flavour and produces fabulous crispy crackling! Top chefs agree that meat from rare breeds does taste better and in supporting the traditional breeds you are playing your part in helping to conserve breeds that are in danger of being lost to future generations.

Animal Welfare

All our pigs are reared outdoors during summer months where they are free to root and forage and indoor during the winter where they are warm and dry. They are fed on a diet which is GM and chemical free and doesn't contain growth enhancers. We only ever transport to a local abattoir reducing the stress and environmental damage caused by long-distance travel.


We only sell meat from our own pigs which are pure bred from registered parents - quality guaranteed!

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